week of maths ahead

This time next week i’ll have completed my repeat maths exam. Although it’s not quite do or die, this is something that i definitely don’t want over my head for the entire year. If i fail, again, i think i’ll have to take it next summer. I’m pretty confident that won’t happen though.

I’m determined to pass and pass comfortably. If i were to sit it now, i’d fail – no doubt about it. But i have a week to cover everything which is more than enough time for me. I reckon i could pass with just one day full study, but i’m not taking chances…

So starting tomorrow, i’ll be sitting down and studying maths. I’ll still be blogging and keeping an eye on things online, but my time online will be rationed.

In other news, i got back from Dublin today… i’ve updated my flickr account with a few pics… The Morrison, as expected, was top notch. Without doubt the best hotel i’ve stayed in, ever. That’s probably due to the fact i had a 22″ Mac Screen and Mac mini with free wi-fi :mrgreen:



The bathroom was something else though… normally it’s the least of my concerns, but this bathroom was HUGE… a nice large bathtub with leather headrests, separate shower which was also pretty big and plenty of floor space to move about – it was almost ridiculous for a bathroom 😉


We also had a scented candle, robes, slippers etc… the room itself wasn’t bad either, but we did get a studio room which cost a bit extra 🙂

Always nice to get away for a night though and it’s really handy to have your own MAC mini in your bedroom with free wi-fi. I didn’t even use it that much, but it was great just to check emails, check news/weather etc… It got me thinking… when i am away anywhere, even at college, i don’t do any hard, serious work which requires mega processing power and speed… it’s usually just browsing or checking emails, or ftp work.

An ultra-portable (as in something like this only better) would definitely suit me now that i have my power setup at home. It would mean i could retire the ferrari and come to think of it, i don’t use the ferrari at all these days. I only use it for college but it’s pretty heavy and has poor battery life. A nice slim ultra-portable with great battery life might be the way to go as i’d be more inclined to take it with me.

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