website ideas thinking process..

Idea generation is a skill, it’s something you can learn.. i don’t believe ideas come naturally to people.. i believe they stem from experience and observation.

My 18 random websites ideas certainly didn’t come naturally to me.. for each and every one of those, something triggered the thought process behind them..

For example, i’ll take one idea and how i thought of it;

Charity Bypass

Site which displays a list of charities and beggars on the streets, their known collecting locations/times and generally known hot spots where they deploy people on the streets looking for sign ups or spare change.. Also displays begging scandals such as illegal begging at ATM machines, ticket machines etc..

I pictured myself walking down the street (very ordinary thing) and that led to the thought of times i felt uncomfortable walking down the street. We tend to remember negative experiences more so than good ones and if you have a look at my other ideas, you’ll see a lot of them are negative/aggressive/strong ideas and that’s because of the thought process i use.

So i remembered being hassled by charity workers.. it wasn’t a nice feeling. Part of me wants to run away and hide whilst the other part wants to smack them in the face, another part might feel guilty for brushing them off. So simply by their presence, they have forced me into arguing with myself and making me feel very uncomfortable.

So if i feel this way, surely other people do too.. and that’s when the idea started to take shape and i thought of creating a website on how to avoid these people to make life less stressful for people. Of course i’m over-analysing this and perhaps going in to too much detail, but what i’m trying to say is that anyone can come up with ideas.

You don’t need brains and degrees, you just need eyes and ears to see what’s going on and see what is missing or what could be useful to people… that’s how ideas come about.

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