We need the rule breakers..

You’re stuck behind a lorry doing 55mph in a 60mph zone. Clear road ahead. If you overtake, you’ll break the limit. You risk being caught by a speed trap, getting fine or penalty points etc..

But most of us do it anyway. Now the safest way to overtake is to spend as little time as possible on the wrong side of the road so by speeding up, you are in one way, driving safely. But of course you break the speed limit – all be it temporarily.

Another scenario is walking across a road or running across to get the other side.. if we fall or slip, we’re hit by a car.. but it saves time and energy perhaps rather than walking down to the pedestrian lights a few hundred years away..

We all face these types of situations.. the bending the rules to breaking point type of situations… where we know we’re doing wrong, but do it anyway (digging ourselves on digg another example 😉 )

Ironically, it’s the guys that bend and break and test the rules that you’ll find are the most successful. They say rules were made to be broken and when you think about, they are.. rules are set only after they’ve been broken before they’ve been made (if that makes sense!).

Say i park my car in a parking lot, parking horizontally across 3 vertical spaces, but i have 3 tickets on the car.. that’s being greedy, but can i be fined/clamped? I don’t know to be honest, but if i did it often enough and other people started doing it, new rules would be brought in to prevent it. So i’m forcing changes to be made..

And doing that is good. Because you’re challenging laws and create new problems for people… ultimately, you’re improving the laws and rules for everyone by challenging and breaking them..

Think about it.. if we had no laws or rules on the road, it would be chaos.. if we had no rule breakers or benders, we would have no democracy/freedom of speech and so on..

So by all means, break the rules, stretch them, bend them and test them out.. you’ll more than likely be much more knowledgeable and successful because of it. Never be afraid to experiment and chance it.. that’s how the most successful businesses/people came about.

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