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The Passage of Time
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Attitude is probably the only thing that stops me from doing anything. Whether it’s a new site, a project, an assignment…. if the attitude is wrong, you can see that from the end result.

It’s extremely difficult to maintain a high work rate for any sustained period of time – my heart says i’m capable and i’ll reap the rewards in the future, but my brain says no – it can wait until tomorrow 😉

Throughout my time online you’ll have seen me set down targets and challenges to myself. That’s not just for the sake of it, it’s to make sure that i’m working to my potential.

Creativity comes in ‘bursts’ for me and i’m beginning to realize it’s not those bursts that i need to work on… it’s the spaces in between that i need to do something with.

Right this minute, i’ve got several things on my plate…

  • 5 blog posts which have to be complete on one blog
  • Geansai Gorm News has to be looked after
  • I try to make 1 post per day here
  • BeerChief has to be developed and worked on
  • I’ve a huge video project which must be complete by the end of the month
  • The odd assignment and exam for college

Given the fact i’m away from home for about 11 hours a day and i need 6/7 hours sleep, that leaves me with about 6 hours. I have to eat, i’ll usually go swimming or something after college just to relax and then i’ll usually spend some time replying to emails, getting up to date on technology & the latest news. So all that takes about 2/3 hours which leaves me with roughly 3 hours of free time.

2 blog posts take at least 1 hour to make. 2 hours left so…. 2 hours of video editing doesn’t go far and the likelihood is i’ll get distracted learning more about video editing rather than actually completing more of the project.

So it’s a challenge for me. A balancing act and without the right attitude, things don’t get done. All of this stuff of course doesn’t HAVE to be completed. I don’t have to blog or work on geansai gorm or do most of that stuff… after all i’m not getting paid for it nor do i get any sort of short term gain in any sense.

The only reason i’m doing any of the above is (a) to learn (b) to better myself (c) personal satisfaction.

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