we can only learn so much per day

Yesterday, i had a maths lecture at 4pm-5pm.

Now maths is my most hated / boring subject and i’d regard it as one of my weakest, so at that time of day (having been in since 9am and had pretty much non stop classess all day), i was practically falling asleep.

Not for want of trying, i do try to listen and learn and widen my eyes every now and then but it just doesn’t work, i just can’t focus and really take in what is being said.

Today, we had another maths class in the morning – my 2nd class of the day at 11am. The same stuff, but this time i understood it and was bombing on ahead with questions because the lecturer was going to slow for me…

I find that incredible… my attitude never changes.. i always go in to a class to learn something or come out of it questioning something or thinking of something. So why was there such a big difference in how quickly i absorbed information? Pretty much the same stuff… one day i don’t have a clue what’s going on and walk out of class half sleeping, the next i walk out of class having fully understood everything and done several questions.

I put it down to the fact you can only take in so much per day. It’s an entirely differnetly skill of course, knowing *what* to take in and what not to. How often have you left a class or meeting remembering only the time a funny ringtone went off or someone cracked a joke etc…?? It’s a real pitty we don’t have video technology to record lectures and review them at a later date online… it would improve learning for all of us as we could then look at lectures when we actually are ‘in the mood’ to learn which could be at 4am on Monday morning or 6pm on a Saturday.. everyone works differently.

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  1. There was an “expert” on one of the afternoon shows who said that students that study overnight for an exam the next day

    are impaired to the same extent as a person who’s drank 5 units of alcohol.

    Get plenty of sleep and only have 4 drinks for breakfast 😉

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