way ahead of schedule

I may as well crumple up that last post and fire it in the bin. In the space of 24 hours, here’s what i’ve done;

  • designed a new logo
  • found a quality theme
  • tweaked it a bit
  • decided on plugins i’ll be using

All that’s left now is for me to add some new plugins and make sure everything works.

lclogoI’m not 100% satisfied with the logo, but it’ll do the job for now. The tagline sums up nicely what the site is about, “made by students, for students”. I’m determined to market the site as an informal, student run site with no input from teachers or the government. The biggest and best leaving cert site, at the minute, is skoool.ie – it’s too formal and run by corporate supporters :mrgreen:

I’ve set up a twitter & flickr account which i’ll use to (a) promote new content on the site (b) to recruit and befriend leaving cert students who might be interested in writing. I’ve no problem writing posts myself – i’ve plenty of ammunition to work with, but it’s much better if leaving cert students write for leaving cert students as they’re all in the one boat.

I left in another boat a couple of years ago and i’m slowly drifting further and further away 😉

Anyway, once the site is 100% live and running smoothly i’ll make another blog post here.

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