wave goodbye to google wave

wave goodbye

We’re starting to see Google fail. More and more. Google Buzz sounded great but in reality it’s been a flop. Google Wave was hyped up by Google themselves just over a year ago. It was revolutionary, an email killer. However it didn’t pan out the way Google had hoped and they’ve officially axed it

Google are only human, they will make mistakes… gmail, picasa, analytics, docs, reader, chrome, youtube… hugely successful. Game changers. And those success stories more than make up for the failures. And that proves one thing… don’t just stick to what you’re good at, but experiment too… stick to something in IT for too long & you end up on the scrap heap at some stage.

Had google stuck to search, we’d live in a world without gmail, without google maps, without streetview, android… so google’s constant innovation will inevitably lead to success & failure but because they’re such a giant, they can afford to fail and keep failing. Sure, it will cost them a bit financially and in reputation but they’ll gain a lot in experience and research.

We’re not used to seeing Google fail of course but i don’t think it’s a bad thing for anyone. It proves even if you’re Google and have the best ideas and intentions in the world, they may not work out for whatever reasons. The important thing is to learn from failures, move on and never stop experimenting and creating. That’s the kind of philosophy which has got Google to where it is today. So long as Google keep doing that, they’re in no danger of losing us (the users).

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