Water + Phone = RIP

For Christmas 2005, i bought my girlfriend a pink Motorola Razr (v3).


Yesterday, a bottle of water leaked in a bag, which was also holding the phone.

Circuits are probably fried, there was condensation inside the cover, area around the battery was damp.. i immediately stripped the phone and took out the battery, left it to dry etc.. but a day later it’s still dead.

So that means we’ll have to get a new phone, i’ll probably get the v3i which comes in at around €160 which isn’t too bad. That’s with Meteor. But if she’s feeling adventurous we may go for something more expensive like the razr K1. But i think colour is more important than features in this case 🙄

So i’ll probably order a phone tonight and i should have it Friday morning. I’ll be sure to take pics and do a little mini-review 😛

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