Watch and learn!

This week, i’m going to put all my time in to one blog post. I’ll publish it on Thursday /Friday and it’ll be another ‘killer’ post something like this and this. To date, those two posts have made up over 40% of my overall pageviews (86,000 pageviews between them out of 200,000 in total).

This new post will be a quality post… extremely useful to webmasters and i’ll be using the power of social media to try and eclipse the traffic avalanche i got last July.

Some sort of shark
Creative Commons License photo credit: Synchronizer

I’ve learned a hell of a lot over the past month or so, largely thanks to twitter and the 1400+ people i’m now following.

If all goes well with this new post, i’ll publish another mammoth ‘list of website ideas’ post shortly too. People seem to just eat this stuff up, they can’t get enough of it… whether it’s ‘inspirational design’ or ‘useful resources’, for anyone starting out with a blog – it’s a guaranteed way to get some traffic.

It’s not easy though creating these long lists and perfecting the blog posts… it takes a hell of a lot of time and energy which is why i only do them every now and then. Uploading images, getting headers right, making sure url’s work, spell checking, re-wording, tagging and titling appropriately…. then you have to expect traffic and be on the ball should your server crash – it’s not like a ‘normal’ post.

It’s a bit like having special guests coming – you want the blog to look attractive and at it’s best. You want to give a good first impression. If it’s only the regulars like you guys reading and i’m not anticipating any special visitors, i’m not going to make sure every post is word perfect and looking it’s best – it’s far too time consuming 🙂

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