Wales In November..

Ireland are playing Wales in November in the last euro 2008 qualifier. This place is a 75,000 seater stadium and one of the finest around. Wales is less than an hour from Ireland (flight time) so i’ll be expecting a HUGE Irish invasion of Cardiff in November. I’m talking 20,000+ if we have something to play for. The match is on a Saturday, so it makes it all the more attractive for people with jobs :mrgreen:


Anyway, we’ve nabbed flights at €80 per person from belfast to cardiff, all in, with bmibaby’s latest winter offer. They’ve immediately gone up to €90 and they’ll continue to rise once this gets around (the next cheapest flight from Ireland is about €250).

I’ll have booked a city centre hotel by tonight, i’m still browsing around. I’m fairly confident i’ll get one for about €130/night. We’ll be staying 2 nights, so per person, it’ll work out at around €250 😆 for flights, 2 nights 4* accomodation in the city centre and match tickets – i challenge anyone to top that 😈

This will be my second Irish away match.. i was in Stuttgart when we played Germany back in September and i attend the home matches regularly… so i’m looking forward to Cardiff in November.

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