Vote Obama

Senator Barack Obama in Detroit 5/07/07
Image by radiospike photography via Flickr

It’s a massive day today for the world in general… US presidential election day.

Obama -v- McCain and Obama seems to have it sealed up according to all the polls and early indicators. Hopefully, this time, America will get it right and elect someone worthy of being a leader, someone who can talk without advisers and negotiate with other nations not as a token gesture, but as a genuine effort to patch up the holes created by Bush & Co.

That’s basically what Obama’s jop will be – to repair the damage Bush has done 🙂

3 thoughts on “Vote Obama”

  1. They’ll pull out and are pulling out regardless… high wages the main problem.

    Obama is good for the world in general as he’s a nice guy, a democrat and someone who commands respect from everybody – natural charisma which Bush doesn’t have.

    If America gets talking with it’s ‘enemies’ rather than throwing it’s weight around, it’s good for the global economy as money is saved on war and trade barriers are broken down.

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