Visiting a city in Google Earth


I was in London about 10 years ago on a daytrip with my father visiting ‘the old wembley‘..

10 years later and i’m back on my own with my girlfriend, not really remembering anything about london other than wembley stadium itself 🙄

Despite the fact i’ve never been in central london, i know it inside out. Why? Google Earth. I could tell you exactly how to get to my hotel or what side of the thames the london eye is on.. I could also tell you where downing street is etc..

A few weeks ago, i wouldn’t have had a clue 😆 Google Earth really is an ingenius invention. I feel like i know London inside out despite the fact i’ve never really been there 🙄

Add in the fact i have an integrated gps system on my mobile phone and it’s virtually impossible for me to get lost :mrgreen:

10 years ago, we (as in my family) had no mobile phones, no GPS systems, no ridiculousy cheap flights, no digital camera’s and certainly no internet. Going abroad meant buying a map and figuring things out for yourself. If you wanted a review of a hotel you went by the star rating and it’s location in some overpriced holiday guide brochure – that’s all you had to go by.

So 10 years is a long time in technology.. it just shows how far we’ve come and how incredibly fast we adapt to technology.. it will be interesting to see where we’ll be in another 10 years time.

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