Virtual Spring Clean


Today I decided to reinstall windows on my PC. I do this every year or so, possibly every 6 months. It depends how much crap i install or how slow my system in running. I could manually remove unused applications or defrag hard drives but it’s just easier to nuke everything and start fresh…

Back to basics

The beauty of living in 2011 is that most software now lives in the cloud as an app. The only majorly important piece of software (to me) that i need to install locally is photoshop. After that i could survive without the rest.

Ninite is your best friend when it comes to reinstalling windows or installing popular software in bulk, i’ve blogged about it before. I formatted my harddrive & reinstalled windows plus installed & configured everything in about 2 hours. Not bad. It gets quicker every time because more and more of my ‘stuff’ is stored online so I have less backing up and copying / pasting to do.

The PC is now running pretty smoothly… boot up time is under a minute and there’s no ‘unknown’ crap hiding in folders. That builds up as you install / delete stuff, then you forget what’s important and what’s not so you won’t delete ‘unknown’ stuff in case you actually need it.


Although this has nothing to do with cleaning, i’ve signed up with formspring and started using it properly. I’ve also downloaded an app for it so i’ll be using it constantly from now on. What is it? It’s a place where you can ask people questions and get answers.

good question
Creative Commons License photo credit: e-magic

It’s not new, in fact i’m slow off the mark here in joining… i’m almost certain i signed up before but i can’t seem to find any login info so i decided to create a new account and start fresh. You can ask questions anonymously so that makes it pretty interesting. Feel free to ask my anything and i’ll answer them all as best i can 🙂 Also, feel free to sign up and connect with me – i’m already finding it’s a great way to sharpen my reaction time to questions and think about stuff which i’ve never thought about before. It’s the perfect interview preparation tool.

If you’re going for an interview, prepare by asking your friends to ask you questions…


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