Virtual Mess


Organisation, structure, description, tags, titles… something every bit of data should have. Whether it’s an mp3 file, a photo, a document. No amount of description is enough. As someone who knows a lot about SEO, i should know this 🙂

However if you take a look at my flickr you’ll notice a bad habit of mine. I upload batches of images with the same title, description and tags. It’s no big deal, it’s better than leaving them as IMG102893.jpg as a lot of people do, but i know it’s still not really good enough, it’s something i must tackle.

The problem is i have over 2,000 images on flickr and that’s growing by the day. I’m taking & uploading more pictures than ever. At some stage i have to sit down, go through each photo manually and add a unique title & description to help describe the photo.

Why bother doing that? Because it makes my photos easier to find for (a) me (b) you. If you search for creative commons images on flickr, you’ll find about 20m. But if you’re looking for a photo of london bridge, naturally you’ll type in ‘london bridge’.


Within my flickr account, i have plenty of photos of london bridge but none of them will show up in results. Why? Because they’re all labelled ‘london’ or ‘london 2010’ or something generic. So i lose out out on potential views & the searcher loses out on more variety.

So although it will be a tedious process, it has to be done and i’m confident i’ll be able to increase traffic to this site & increase views on most of my images. All simply by doing something i should be doing anyway… In an ideal world, i should also be geo tagging all photos i take. As should all of us…

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