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Over the last 3 days i’ve uploaded 4 videos to my youtube channel so i’m finally starting to gain some momentum when it comes to video. There’s a lot of stuff i could improve on though and i will be trying to introduce all of the following sooner rather than later…

Intro & Outro

I need a professional intro to all videos and some kind of outro too. Music, logo, animation… it just looks more professional and polished plus it’s relatively easy to do with all the samples and tutorials out there. I’ve worked with after effects & premier pro before so i know the basics and enough to hack together a decent intro to all of my videos.

More content

Obviously i need to create more videos if i’m to earn the title of youtuber & vlogger. Just like a blog, or any website, content is what draws in crowds and provides ‘value’ so it’s important i focus on getting in to some kind of habit with regards recording & uploading video. I’m toying with the idea of uploading a video a day for the month of February but i can’t commit to that until i’ve figured out how much free time i’ll have during the week and what my college timetable is like.


Youtube, flickr, facebook, linkedin… i have accounts with them all and i think it’s important i start to integrate all of them properly with each other and with my blog which acts as the mothership. I do a pretty poor job of promoting my social networking profiles on this blog so i’ll try to change that, perhaps even with a new blog redesign although i haven’t seen any i like so i’ll probably just update this one slightly.

Subscribe, add as friend, like, retweet, share… i’ll not be throwing up pop up email subscription boxes or filling posts full of subscribe buttons but i will be making it easier for people to (a) share my content (b) subscribe to it. It just makes sense to pull everything together on this blog rather than leave all of my different accounts on other networks disconnected.

Think outside the box

This 4 second breakfast video i put together was an example of this. It started out as me seeing if the GorillaPod could stuck to a handle on a kitchen press. It could. And then i thought it would be cool if i could angle the camera at the press door and record the door opening and closing… and then i thought i could position the gorilla pod over a cup and record water being poured in to it… so i ended up recording myself making tea and toast. Took about 5 minutes max and another 5 minutes editing it. I sped it up just for the hell of it and ended up with this…

“So what!” you might say. But if you look at what i’ve done you’ll see that my mind is in creative mode… ready to create on sight, ready to try and turn random stuff in to opportunity. One of the reasons why i’m all too happy to get out of college this year is because i’m just not in that mindset inside college. I spend my time thinking about assignments or learning about technology which i don’t really have a interest in, but i must learn anyway because i’ll be examined on it.

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