Video from my Barcelona trip


You seen some photos from my trip to Barcelona yesterday, now it’s time for some video. I’ve put together a 6 minute video and i’m glad i did… it’s much more interesting than looking back on it than 800+ photos, even though this video took quite some time to put together…

The making of…

I took about 60 video clips in total lasting no longer than about 1 minute each. When i’m out and about i tend not to be standing still for too long so i generally take quick video clips, just panning around the place and zooming in and out. I’m learning to stay still, don’t worry… and i’m learning what looks good and what doesn’t when i’m editing so i’m more aware now of what kind of video works and what doesn’t. So in terms of editing and recording video, i can and will only become better over time.

I wanted to keep it fairly interesting so i changed the speed of some clips and slowed down others plus left audio in on some & took it out on others. I’d love to give reasons why, but i kind of just wing and go with gut instinct on this stuff. If i think it looks good or looks interesting, it gets thrown in. If it’s fairly boring but not boring enough to do without, it gets sped up a bit. That’s about an in-depth an answer as you’ll get out of me if you ask ‘why did i do x or y’.

I like it

I don’t know about you, but i quite like the idea of creating a video after every trip away. It acts as a nice souvenir and it’s so easier watching a 6 minute clip than it is watching a slideshow with 800 photos in it. So video has become my new favorite toy. Expect to see more although as i’ve said recently, i’m really tied for time now that i’m back in college. My desire to create will probably be eroded over the next few months purely because i’ll have no choice but to focus on assignments and presentations and projects and all that nasty college-y stuff which i’m not keen on but need to complete anyway.

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