video challenge


As most of you will know by now, i blog daily. If you had to bank on somebody posting today or tomorrow, it would be me. And that’s the kind of unrealistic, ridiculous consistency i like to expect from myself. The reason that all started was because i set myself a challenge…

I asked myself to blog daily for a year. After 2 days, i failed. However i then set myself the same goal straight after that and hit it. From browsing the web myself i know that consistency is extremely important to me as a consumer of information and entertainment. I want to go to a site and see new content at a certain time. If it’s not there i’m disappointed and angry.

If you can get to the stage where readers or viewers are coming to your site and expecting to see new content, you’ve done something right. They’re coming back for a reason. The hard part is of course to keep producing content or to increase the amount of content being published.

Once i get back from Barcelona, i’ll be putting together a few videos of the trip and after that, i hope to set myself a challenge of creating ‘x’ number of videos in ‘x’ number of days. Could be 10, could be 10,000, i’m not sure yet and i wouldn’t rule anything out.

I’ll try to get my creative hat on and come up with a challenge which is do-able but challenging. Because i’ll be at college most of the time for the next 4 months, i won’t have that much ‘free’ time but if i can make time to blog, i can make time to put together videos.

We’re approaching post number 2,000 on and word number 700,000 so my goal is to replicate that kind of content in video.

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