Video Blogging..

I’ve never really used videos much on this blog.. with my dash cam experiments i’ve had to edit and put together videos for the first time really and it’s pretty simple to do..

As a blogger, it’s probably easier to write as i can gather my thoughts, think them through, then publish an article when i’m happy with it. But reading big lumps of text can be boring for a reading and i guess the last thing i want to do is bore people as that defeats the purpose of having a blog in the first place 😆

As part of my blogging presentation i’ve decided to create a 5 minute screencast of how to set up a blog on wordpress. I thought it would be a nice feature as people can see exactly what i’m on about…

Telling people something is easy is like telling them you’re from Mars. Nobody cares, nobody will take an interest in you unless you have actual evidence you are from Mars… so i plan to show people, with video evidence, how easy blogging is in the hope i can inspire a few people to set up a blog 🙂

I’ve already completed a 5 minute screencast and when i get a chance i might upload it here, just as a very basic ‘blogging for dummies’ introduction.

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