version 4 in the making

My last theme upgrade came in June 2008. Previous to that, i had version 2 installed since November 2007. Version 1 ran from Nov 2006 to November 2007.

  • This current theme has remained virtually untouched for 6 months.
  • Previous to that, my 2nd theme was installed for roughly 7 months.
  • My original theme was installed for 12 months.


In January 2009, i plan on launching ‘version 4’ of It’ll be much more slimmed down and with a ‘less is more’ approach. I’ll also be moving away from the wicketpixie theme and using another popular theme as a base to build upon. I’ll be doing this all on my own from design to some custom code 🙂


There’s a few reasons i’m making the switch;

  • To improve overall speed – the current theme is a multimedia hog which tends to slow things down.
  • To simplify things – the blog can appear cluttered to a first time user
  • To sell myself more – i’ll be including a portfolio / list of skills and online achievements in this new version to first and foremost, help me keep track of all my projects and sites :mrgreen:
  • Change is good – even if it’s bad, change is good as i’ll learn something from it.
  • More content – expect to see a lot more blogging from me in 2009 mainly due to the fact i’ll have a netbook by my side when i’m on the move.

I’ll also be doing something similar on the BeerChief blog (creating a new custom theme) and possibly also. Cash will be tight from now on but if i can keep improving and get BeerChief up and running, i can rest easy as the cash that will motivate me will be in terms of assets gaining value. has received over 75k unique visits so far in 2008, already a 300% increase on 2007’s figure of just under 25k unique visits. RSS readership is also up from 50 to 120+. As it’s the only site i’m constantly ‘working’ on, it’s probably the only accurate measure of what i’m capable of when i put my mind to something. That sort of exponential growth is not fluked by any means. Had i done nothing in 2008, traffic & RSS subscribers would be down on last year – simple as that.

I’ll be working harder than ever in 2009 on this blog. All the time i spent this year sorting out BeerChief will be given back to me and to an extent, i’ll be ‘project free’ starting off 2009. It’ll give me a chance to focus on writing quality content and get more RSS subscribers.

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