valid css and xhtml

With plugins, widgets etc.. it’s very easy to see the errors pile up when it comes to passing the validation test.

For those of you who don’t know what that’s all about, basically it’s the equivilent of the NCT/MOT car test. There are strict rules and regulations to pass and these were set down by a bunch of industry experts. So passing all the validation tests shows you’re website is more than likely clean and has no bugs.

Go ahead, type your blog or any of your favourite blogs into that and see how many errors are returned – makes for some interesting reading 😉

This theme was 100% valid when i got it, but with all my plugins and crap, that had mounted instantly to 22.

This caused some display bugs for people. I’m confident now i’ve ironed out all problems.


The site is 100% CSS valid and 100% xhtml transitional valid, with just 1 error when it comes to strict xhtml. That error is because i open links in new windows rather than the same window 🙄

I deliberately do that, not to keep you guys on the site, but to save you hassle opening up new windows when you click a link. As a reader myself, i’ll more than likely click on links in a post, before i’m finished reading the post. I don’t want to have to go back and potentially get confused and close the window etc.. so that’s my thinking behind opening links in new windows.

Anyway, if that’s all i have to worry about, i’ll be happy :mrgreen: Although it is a tad annoying being one error out 😡 I must look into some evil hacks for ways around that 😈

3 thoughts on “valid css and xhtml”

  1. Whats the point harping on about validation, when the site clearly isn’t validating…. 4-5 errors currently on the homepage alone.

  2. i explained this before.. i know about certain errors and for the moment, ain’t gonna ‘fix’ them, even though i know what they are.

    the site isn’t strict xhtml, but it is transitional & css valid 😎

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