Using youtube as a teacher..

normally, i don’t visit youtube or metacafe or any sort of video sites, mainly because they waste away hours of my time.. and that’s something i don’t want to do all day.. i want to be productive and constantly thinking or developing ideas.. i don’t want to be watching ‘how to make smoke with your fingers’ videos or ‘how i used condoms to make my camera waterproof’.

Seriously, that’s the sort of stuff you get on those sites :mrgreen: These guys are clever. Particularly on Metacafe. They get paid per view. So they’ll deliberately create something off the rails and something everyone is curious about. Eventually it will hit frontpage and you’re almost lured into clicking it as it just seems impossible to ‘make smoke with your fingers’, so naturally, im very curious and waste about 5 minutes of my time watching some guy cheat and rub ashes together to generate smoke.

Anyway, youtube and metacafe can be great ‘teachers’ when used properly. For example, search for wordpress SEO and you’ll get great step by step guides on exactly how to optimize your blog. Here’s a sample from graywolf, who is an SEO expert. This sort of stuff is like golddust for newbies. It could save hours of pain in the long run. Although he doesn’t actually show you how to optimize your blog, he breaks the language down into something a child could undestand and basically sums up exactly how search engines view blogs. 4 minutes, wll invested if you’re new to blogs..


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