Updating My Portfolio

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It’s been on my to do list for a while now but i’ve finally gotten around to updating my portfolio section today. As tends to happen with these things, they go stale after a while and it had been a good 6 months or so since i late updated it…

What’s Changed

You can tell by my flickr stream that i’ve been busy. In total, i’ve uploaded 12 new portfolio images. Some are brand new sites which haven’t been mentioned in my portfolio before, others are simply updated screenshots (for example i changed this blog’s theme earlier in the year so i updated that image).

Here’s what has been added to my ‘current projects‘ list;

  • shouldideletemyfacebook.com
  • technership.com
  • dk.itisdown.com

And here’s what has been added to my ‘past projects‘ lists;

  • rockcorrygaa.ie
  • fixmyhouse.ie
  • bodymindpositive.com

Of course they are not my own projects, i was hired to work on them so i really need to create another section called ‘client work’ or something to that effect. Ideally, they should be on another site all together but for now i’m happy to keep everything under the one roof here.

I’ve also removed one or two older projects and reworded some just to keep everything nice and up to date. I still have plenty more where they came from too, but some are still not live / finished so i don’t want to add them just yet.

What has to Change

Creative Commons License photo credit: Pat Hawks

I haven’t touched the logo design section yet. I’ll start work on that now / tomorrow. My ‘Design Work‘ section only has 3 designs on it, but as you well know i’ve been creating custom designs daily for the past 95 days or so to introduce every blog post on this blog. So that’s a tricky one… i’d like to display all my designs on the blog somewhere but im not sure how to structure it. I might try to use subpages (95+ is too many to put on one page!)… either way i’ll be updating that section and trying to show off at least my best work.

Quality & Quantity

Making crap into credible
Creative Commons License photo credit: toettoet

People will say you should only show off your best work in a portfolio but not me. You get a better idea of how good somebody is from seeing their worst work. Sure, you can promote the good stuff or draw more attention to it, but all work should be visible.

Again it goes back to my philosophy on privacy and the ‘what have you go to hide’ mentality. I’ve nothing to hide, so i’ll just publish everything no matter how good or bad it is. Because it’s being published i always make sure it’s at least presentable or something i can put my name to. So it makes me work harder overall.

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