Unlocking phones..

Over the past few days i’ve unlocked about 4 phones and hardlocked 1 😳

The one i hardlocked was an old nokia 6101 which i later found out had a firmware version which made it difficult to remotely unlock using codes.. so i had to send that one away as it can only be unlocked using cables and boxes.

Basically you get 3-5 attempts to unlock a phone. You input your network operator, phone serial number and model of phone into a calculator and you’re given 7 generated codes. Key in the codes into your phone and usually it’ll unlock your phone so that you can use any sim card from any operator in it.

You *can* call o2, vodafone or whatever to get the code, but i’m not sure if they have to give it to you. They could charge you. Anyway here’s a few DIY links which will allow you to do it for free.. 😉

http://www.softpedia.com (Nokia)

http://www.download.com (Nokia)

http://www.peters1.dk (Nokia)

http://www.peters1.dk (Samsung)

Nokia’s are in general the easiest to unlock. Back in the days of 3210’s and 3310’s i used to be well up to date with unlocking, but i’ve sort of lost interest now 😎

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