unique content and how to create it..

  • A blog is basically a diary.
  • A diary is basically a personal day to day summary of someone’s life.
  • A life is of course unique in some way/shape or form.

So why then, you’ll ask, are there so many blogs out there that no nothing but clone/replicate content? The short answer is money.

It’s always easier to steal/copy/pull content than it is to create it yourself.. creating content is hard work.. doing it daily or on a consistent basis even harder.. the fact there are so many splogs (spam blogs) shows you just how many lazy webmasters/bloggers there are out there 😆

But a blog is all about YOUR opinion, your life, your thoughts… that’s the reason blogs were created in the first place.. it’s difficult to sustain blogging on a daily basis, but at the same time it’s very easy…

Go to Digg, forums, news sites, youtube etc.. and you’ll find a goldmine of information all waiting to be reviewed/linked to/talked about and that’s where you and your blog come in.

Some people might call that re-hashing old news, but if you take the time to review, analyse, give your honest opinion etc.. on a video or a news article, then that, imo, is unique content.

I mean, journalists basically take news and put their own swing on it, and bloggers do the exact same thing.. provided you don’t simply link to a video/picture and leave it at that, content is all around us, it’s up to us to make it unique…

Of course, truely unique content is stuff like my college posts – nobody else can create that content as it’s unique to me… This post is also what i’d regard as truely unique content as there’s no links or articles to base the post on..

Although it may seem boring or stupid to you, most people enjoy unique content like that rather than the links and latest news repeated over and over..

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