Under Pressure

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I’ve said before several times that i feel i work best under pressure and when i’ve got deadlines to hit. It gives me some sort of target and allows me to get stuck in to things which would otherwise be swept under the carpet.

The video i’m in the middle of editing is exceeding even my own high expectations 🙂 When most would have given up, i carried on and got stuck in to problems. Ironically, i overheard a conversation today about how “premier pro is muck – it won’t play audio and crashes when i try to export”….

I was laughing to myself in my head as these guys, if they’re any good at all, will not just give up and look for another program, they’ll google their problems until they sort them out – just like i did. I could have intervened and explained what was likely to be happening but then i thought no, why should i help people who are too lazy to help themselves?

A quick google led me to a vague solutions and from that, i simply narrowed it down. It’s not rocket science and that goes for just about any problem you can think of in IT. If you can’t fix it, google it and keep googling until you find answers.

Anyway, this is the sort of project i’ll be glad to have under my belt once it’s finished and it’s a huge weapon in my portfolio. I can now claim to be well up on Premier Pro & After Effects and video editing in general. This video will prove it.

It’s been a huge drain on my time – i’ve basically been editing and learning for 2/3 hours a day on average for the past 2 months. That time could have been spent on more productive things (financially) but this sort of stuff is invaluable to me as it opens up a whole new, ever growing, video world.

Check out my youtube profile and watch the videos… come back next month and watch just how much time and effort i’ve put in to this as it’ll be obvious from the 30 minute video 😉

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