ultra portables are the future

When browsing around PC World yesterday i came across some Asus 7 inch laptops at about €300 and for a split second i thought about it :mrgreen: But i came to my senses and realised i can’t afford that sort of impulse buy at the minute 🙂

Now ok, there’s only so much you can fit inside them, but the reality is they’re more powerful than a desktop would have been 4 or 5 years ago.

There are more and more professionals in IT and due to the nature of the business, everyone is moving about more and more. The demand for a truely ultraportable, affordable QWERTY laptop is definitely there imo and it’s just waiting to be tapped in to.

I’d pay €300 for a decent ultraportable. It would mean i could take it comfortably to hotels / college / on holidays etc without being weighed down and i’d also be able to browse the net / check emails etc… using wifi plus do basic tasks like wordprocessing, view/store pictures off an SD card, VOIP calls using integrated cam and mic etc..

That’s all i’d need… that would be my ’emergency kit’… i don’t need a quad core with a 500 gig hard drive when i’m on holidays or in college, as i’m only there temporarily. I just need the basic stuff, but in some sort of ‘normal’ package… i.e QWERTY keyboard and windows OS, rather than an iphone or some patched up job like that.

So yeah, i believe most serious IT nowadays would ideally want a top of the range desktop, decently spec’d 15.4 inch / 12 inch laptop and then an emergency ultra portable 7″ for basic tasks. Plus of course an iphone or n95 or some other cool phone 😀

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