Ultimate Alarm Clocks

I’ve always said the hardest thing i have to do every day is simply to get out of bed. I hate getting up and knowing that i have to do something or go somewhere.

These days (when i’m off from college) it’s not so bad. I’m usually up by 11am and then i’ll go to bed around 3am. 8 hours sleep on the button. But it’s still very hard getting up. I’m not sure why either… it’s not as if i hate my life or hate the work load in it… the complete opposite in fact.

Anyway, in a bid to make it a bit easier to get up, i’ve decided to invest in an alarm clock. Up until now i’ve just used my phone. Each morning, i’ll typically set 10-15 alarms to go off within 1-2 minutes of each other.

By the 7th or 8th alarm i usually get fed up and am forced in to getting up. So despite the fact i hate getting up, it’s rare i ever sleep in :mrgreen: I haven’t ordered anything yet, but so far i’ve shortlisted a few…

Neverlate Executive Alarm Clock

7 day alarm clock, with his & her schedules plus an additional 7 daily alarms can be set… snooze button which cuts snooze time in half every time you press it… gentle awakening system (alarm gradually gets louder and louder)…. ipod jack, digital radio…


It looks nice and compact /modern too.


This might be a bit extreme and i reckon after a while, i’ll get too fast for it and be able to catch it before it moves but basically once the alarm goes off, this alarm clock shoots off in any direction it can find – meaning it’s gonna make a lot of noise, roll around the floor and crash in to everything until you switch it off.


Sfera Alarm Clock

An alarm clock that hangs from the ceiling and climbs up away from you once you press snooze – eventually forcing you to climb up out of bed. Pretty clever 😉


They’re the three i’m looking at and the first one is probably the sensible choice. I reckon the other two would end up smashed or battery less after a while :mrgreen:

On my hunt for a decent alarm clock i also came across this custom built one…


4 thoughts on “Ultimate Alarm Clocks”

  1. I use an alarm clock too. But another alarm i set is really good, it is on the computer, http://www.kukuklok.com all you have to do is turn your speakers loud and then set the alarm.

    The only downside to this is that you have leave the computer on all night, but it will definitely wake you up!

  2. I must watch the videos 2moro. Just off to bed here and don’t wanna wake anyone else by playin them now 🙂 I never have any bother rising most of the time and if I need to get up it’s normally the phone lyin in a corner of the room so I have to get outta bed to knock it off! You just cant get enough gadgets Sean 🙂

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