Uh oh, it’s exam time!

I’ve an exam tomorrow and another one on Thursday.

Computer Architecture from 9.15am -11.15am. Haven’t done a tap for it yet :mrgreen:

Update: just after finding out it’s actually a maths exam i have in the morning! Doh!

But that’s just good planning. Tactical wizardry.

You see tomorrows exam is worth 50% of my overall marks in Computer Architecture. I’ve already got about 32.5% out of 100% as my overall result, so in the same tomorrow i only need another 8% or so to pass. In fact, i can technically pass with 2.5%, assuming i do well in other subjects (which i have done).

That is of course 2.5% of 50% and not 100%, so in tomorrows exam i actually need 5% out of 100% to pass 😉

Seem complicated? Well i guess it is, but i know what i’m talking about. I’ve worked the numbers and did so from day one. Of course, for all you kiddies reading, this is not the correct way to go about doing things – aiming to pass.

It’s simply me milking the system to make my life easier. I know there’s no way in hell i can fail Computer Architecture now, even if i fail the exam miserably tomorrow. It’s just good tactics and being aware of what’s needed and what’s not. I knew from septemeber if i kept up and did the work in class, that would pretty much mean i could pass without even taking the actual written exam.

Of course i never aim to fail in anything, i’ll be doing my best to pass the actually exam tomorrow (get over 40%). But with little motivation to achieve an A or 100%, i don’t see the point in killing myself studying and that’s always been my policy – it’s worked well so far 😈

Tomorrow’s exam is slightly more interesting, it’s Maths and it’s worth 70% of the marks for that module, so i have to approach it with a more attacking attitude. I need about 30% of 100% tomorrow to pass it. So i can still fail it and pass 😈

Again, i’ve gotten myself in to these positions, so it makes things really easy for me and means there’s very little pressure on me. I simply have to turn up for the exams and i’ve pretty much passed. The thing is, if there was a €1000 cash prize for whoever gets 95+%, i’d guarantee you i’d be studying like my life depended on it tonight. I need motivation and incentive to work to my potential. I don’t have that at the minute… it makes no difference if i get 100% or 40% 😎

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