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A few days ago twitter announced a new ‘lists’ feature which basically allows you to create a list with up to 500 members in it.

Because twitter is such hot property right now, hardcore users and social media experts are scrambling to come up with useful /innovative ways of using this new feature. It’s the same with any new product or feature… whether it’s for an iphone, google wave, facebook api’s…. being first to master them gives you greater opportunities.

Anyway, the main ‘problem’ with twitter lists is that you’re limited to 500 people per list and 20 lists per account. I’m still trying to come up with a useful list and think outside the box with this new feature… in the mean time i’ve started a few lists on other twitter accounts i own.

leavingcert twitter

For example on, i’ve created a list called ‘colleges‘ and in it i intend to list every college in Ireland that’s on twitter. The same with ‘schools‘ and so on… you get the idea.

Why is this useful? Well it saves people time and energy… leaving cert students want to check out colleges, they might want to check out useful sites etc… so if i can organise lists, my own twitter account becomes useful not necessarily for the stuff i tweet, but for the lists i’ve created.

Rather than follow dozens of colleges individually, they can just follow my list of colleges and unfollow that list whenever they want with one click – easy. It’s a bit like having the ability to create 20 folders on a desktop with up to 500 files in each folder. Up until now, all we could do was create 2000 files in the one folder.

So although this seems like a pretty small and meaningless feature, it’s actually a really useful one for the hardcore twitter users. Up until now, we’ve relied on third party apps (the likes of tweetdeck) to help organize the endless flow of information.

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  1. I like the leaving cert one. That is a great way to use the lists. Super resource for people involved in studying etc. Although could be a fantastic time waster as well if everyone on the list was tweeting instead f studying 🙂

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