TV gets wall mounted

At the start of the new year i got myself a new TV and PS3. Although i only really use the PS3 to watch dvd’s and blu rays, the TV is on all the time in the background.

The problem with it’s location though is that it’s facing my sofa, which is fine if i’m sitting down but i’m rarely sitting down on the sofa – i’m either on a swivel chair or in bed 🙂 With my old TV, i had to physically move it to get a good viewing angle. It was so heavy and awkward to move that i used to just move the entire unit it was sitting on to watch TV in bed.

The new TV came with a swivel stand but only moved about 20 degrees in either direction. Which wasn’t ideal. So i got an articulated arm off ebay to put on the wall which can swivel over 90 degrees left or right, plus tilt up and down by about 15 degrees.'s space's space

It means i can take it right in on top of me when working at the PC, so it could act as a third monitor (and probably blind me at the same time)… or i can tilt it around with minimal effort to watch TV in bed.'s space's space

I also used some zip lock cable things which i bought years ago from and never used. That’s because i could never figure out how to actually use them properly but i finally sat down and studied how they worked today. They’re actually extremely useful and do help to tidy wires but i’ll probably need to buy more and take my whole PC set up apart again in order to tidy all of my wires up. And that’s not something i want to do again in a hurry!

4 thoughts on “TV gets wall mounted”

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  2. nice sean! that would be some 3rd monitor! not sure about havein dolores off fair city as ur wall pin up but whatever u fancy 🙂
    looks like u freed up a lot of space for yourself near the PC now!

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