turning spare change into notes..

I don’t like coins…

€2, €1 and the VERY odd 50c are all i’d ever use in shops. The rest, i throw into my coin sorter and store away in money bags. It got to the stage where my locker was literally full of coins and the coin sorter was jamming because it couldn’t handle any more coins 🙂

So today, i tok everything to the bank and cashed them in for crisp, new notes.

Total amount: €172 😀

I do this every few months, but i don’t think i’ve ever gathered that much before. It’s a great way of saving because i forget about it and it doesn’t become money in my eyes, until it becomes notes, so when i get handed €172, it comes as a big surprise 🙂

2 thoughts on “turning spare change into notes..”

  1. you have a coin sorter? sounds like a very useful device….
    I have lots of loose change/coppers lying around all the time – i should really do something with them too.

  2. yeah, got it as a christmas present a couple of years ago…

    very handy.. just through all my change in, press a button and it sorts it all into slots.. i must post a pic of actually..

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