turning over a new leaf

My new theme is going to be the start of something big for this blog…

Once all is set up, my whole approach to writing will change… My aim is to up the quality of all posts from now on by;

  • including more images in posts (including my own photoshopped images)
  • using spell check on all posts before i publish (i know, i should have done that from day 1)
  • introduction of tags (don’t use them currently)
  • statistics watch – at a set time each month i’ll do a ‘stat watch’ post
  • desktop ‘spot check’ post twice a month – twice a month i have to take pictures of my desktop, upload to flickr and go through the items on it.
  • reward commenters – at the end of every month, my top 5 commenters will get a blog post dedicated to them and they’ll get a link and short blurb about their site (if they have one).

I’ll also try to add videos and screencasts as i go along… they’re just a few things i want to add/improve.

So it will be interesting to see how i get along with all of that… it will also be interesting to keep an eye on traffic and subscribers and to see if the changes make any difference.

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