training course on how to make a cup of tea

Last week i questioned the value of college projects and reports.. (well the value of them to me as a student) apart from the obvious reward they lead to which is a degree. I feel they tend to get pretty boring and repetitive and as a result, i lose interest and motivation. I find myself just looking at marking schemes and ticking all the boxes rather than really attacking a project and being creative.

So because it’s my last assignment of the year i decided to have a bit of fun with this one and bend the rules slightly to make things for interesting for myself.

The asignment brief was as follows;

Analyse, Design and Implement a training course to teach a learner about a topic of your choice. For this assignment you may select a topic that you are interested in and have some knowledge of rather than a software application. You are only required to implement 1 of the stated objectives in the course. Use Director to create your course.

So that is of course open to anything… other people picked sensible options but i decided to go with a basic training course titled “How to Make a Cup of Tea”. The main part of the assignment involves building an application in Macromedia Director (yes i know it’s now called Adobe Director but i HAVE to use MX Director 2004). Here’s a glimpse of what my training course looks like;

college assignment fun 3

college assignment fun 4

college assignment fun 2

college assignment fun 1

I could have made it a lot better and really made a mockery of everything but i was just happy that i managed to get something done whilst keeping myself entertained. So for once i managed to get my motivation levels up whilst doing an assignment.

Normally i wouldn’t risk it with these sort of assignments but i’m confident i have this module wrapped up so i can afford to have a little fun and hopefully pick up the marks too because technically i’ve done everything the brief asked :mrgreen:

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