Top of the Class

top of the class

As a student, i could only manage 445 points of the 600 up for grabs in the leaving cert. Back in 2006 when i finished, i thought i was done and dusted with the leaving cert forever. But no. These days i’m still very much involved with the leaving cert and getting more involved by the day…

That’s all because of of course. I’m still studying, only the type of studying i’m doing is around social media, SEO, competition and future competition. This stuff is what i’m good at so it’s important comes out top of the class not just this year, but every year.

Right now things are going well for us. Record traffic. 1,408 people laid eyes on the site yesterday, topping our previous daily high of 1,168 back in June 2009. Despite the new record being set yesterday, it could well be broken again today and there’s still a week left until the leaving cert actually starts, so no doubt it won’t be the last of new records.

Once the leaving cert is over, traffic will nose dive and that’s when we’ll move in to revamp the site and put some plans in to action.

The site, by our own admission, is pretty weak. It was a lot weaker pre-January this year mind you 😉 But we know what we have to do to improve things. There is a lot more potential to unlock. We’re now trying to juggle bashing the competition with one hand, whilst serving our users with the other. We need to do both to come out top of the class year after year.

Although i had already planned to work on this summer, i’m now committed to working more than i’d planned on it. I’m beginning to see more and more opportunities open up so it’s only right i attack them and try to build upon what is now by far and away my most successful project to date.

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  1. Absolutely not! The goal is to become the biggest, the best… that means more content than any other site, more features, more interaction, community spirit…

    Traffic comes naturally when you're no.1 in any niche… building a site purely to get traffic just won't work in the long run. To get traffic you first need content so that must always come first.

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