too good to be indoors?

Today and yesterday for that matter were pretty hot and dry here in Ireland and coupled with the fact it’s a bank holiday i didn’t get much work done… oh ok, who am i kidding, i didn’t get ANY work done :mrgreen:

i do have a life (or at least that’s what i tell myself…)

I did however manage to get my hands on Call of Duty 4 + an unused serial key which allows me to play online multiplayer.

There’s nothing like throwing a few grenades aimlessly around the place and watching people trying to sprint away from them 🙂 COD4 is addictive and i blame my college classmates for getting me hooked 😉 Shame on you guys!

I’m determined not be the whipping boy people can just run up behind and stab in the back next semester during lunchbreaks, i WILL master this fine game 😀

Anyway, tomorrow i’ll have to start working again on something – killing people is fun, but i can’t earn money from it 🙁

EDIT: a camera sniper caught us in action at college…

And this pretty much sums up 1st year in college :mrgreen:

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