too easy, challenge me!

This is the sort of post which doesn’t make you feel sorry for me yesterday 😉 But it’s honesty, nothing else. I try not to underestimate or overestimate my own ability.

I don’t like sympathy anyway, i shouldn’t need sympathy. If i fail an exam it’s because i was too lazy and stupid to study for it. That’s what it boils down to.

But today i had a databases exam. Worth 50% of my overall marks for that module. I’d already got like 38% or something so technically i’d already passed.

But i walked out 40 minutes after getting the exam (exam is 2 hours long). In fact, i was finished after about 30 minutes and if i really wanted to i could have completed it all in 10 minutes, i had to re-read some of the questions as i thought they were ridiculously easy. The supervisor wouldn’t let me go straight away though, she had to check with another supervisor whether or not i could go that early in to an exam 🙂

It was in MS Access. Creating a few forms from databases we were given. We normally build things by hand etc… mainly because i don’t think the lecturers know how to use the in-built wizards 😉

But i just used the wizard to do all the work for me :mrgreen: It wasn’t perfect by any means, but i got comfortably 85/100 for it, probably more. I couldn’t have been bothered trying to suss out some little issues i came across as i knew i’d already passed and there’s no incentive for me to do any better than that.

I’ve passed tomorrow’s computer systems exam already 🙂 so it means i’ve cruised through everything bar maths. I’ll probably see 60’s and 70’s in all my modules when the results come out, and a 20 or 30 something for maths :mrgreen:

In fact, as i write this the exams are still on… and i’ve driven home which took 50 minutes, had lunch and had time to write this blog post :mrgreen:

2 thoughts on “too easy, challenge me!”

  1. yeah i thought that exam was easy aswell, i walked out just after you 😀 i just got stuck with adding the macro to the command buttons, but i got it in the end 🙂

  2. yea that macro command got me too, i got an error but think i got it sorted in the end.. wasn’t displaying the way i wanted it too but i didn’t care 🙂

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