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I love getting packages and parcels in the post. I think i have an addiction :mrgreen: There’s nothing like the feeling of getting a package through the door or having to sign for a big brown box.. It’s almost like being a kid at Christmas time.

So today i got an envelope and a big brown box.. yes, it was that motorola v3i i ordered. Delivered less than 24 hours after i was last talking to meteor – that shows the sort of pressure i put them under 😉

I’d been waiting 2 weeks on this phone to arrive for my girlfriend.. her last one got flooded 🙄


Here’s a few pics.. the razr phones are very girly, perfect to go alone with a nano ipod or something like that.. her last razr was a hot pink v3. This one is a lighter pink v3i with video recording and mp3 player, expandable micro sd slot etc.. so a few little upgrades. It will do the job grand for what she wants it for..

One thing i hate about these phones is the screen. It’s too reflective and the camera/video look mode makes it look like you’re viewing the screen through a really bad pair of glasses. It’s grand for text messages or whatever, but woeful for images/video imo..

Anyway, in the envelope were my Justin Timerlake concert tickets for London. So a nice Friday morning of post for me 😎


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  1. A couple of things you might want to look out for with Motorola. Firstly, should a Motorola need to be reflashed, you will lose the ability to send sms. They are probably the worst phones on the market. They look great but that’s it.

  2. Yeah, i agree.. the razr’s are girls phones that look pretty but don’t have much on the inside.. a bit like the iphone..

    thankfully it’s not mine :mrgreen: I have my nokia n95 😈

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