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Tomorrow i find myself with a day off college. I should use it to study, but i won’t – let’s not lie here 🙂 Instead, i’ll be spending tomorrow doing something more productive…

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I’ll be making a ‘to-do’ list for several of my sites and projects that require more work. In reality, they all need work and work never stops – i’m never happy with any site, ever. However, you have to draw the line somewhere and call it a day otherwise you could quite literally spend every day for the rest of your life working on one website, trying to improve it. I like mixing things up and moving on to new projects, however i don’t like to leave a job looking half finished!

Tomorrow though i’ll be looking at;

  • another .ie project i’m working on
  • this blog

I’ll create and print ‘to-do’ lists for them all using (my favourite ‘to do’ tool). If all goes to plan i’ll throw the lists up here tomorrow evening for people to have a look. I may or may not check off every single point on the lists but the good intention is there :mrgreen: along with recognition of the fact that the sites are not perfect and need more work.

This sort of things takes time to do and you either see it as a waste of time or you see it as the best time you’ll ever spend. It *usually* works well for me. It acts as a good motivator. Everything becomes black and white and you can tackle issues one by one, getting a sense of satisfaction as each bullet point gets stroked off.

On the flip side, i don’t like being on the end of one of my own ‘improvements list’, never mind 5 or 6 of them. There will be at least a full page of stuff on every site and i’ll have to stop myself from listing too many faults otherwise the workload will just get overwhelming 🙂 But i’m confident i can get through 6 pages of to-do lists on various sites.

This is a tactic i’ll definitely be using when it comes to upgrading BeerChief during the summer. It’ll run in to dozens and dozens of pages but then again it’s a much larger project than the rest.

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  1. pagerank? what’s that!

    it’s a shame but so long as i’m still in the google SERPS and gettting traffic from them i’m happy 🙂

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