time is running out

time is running out

Easter Sunday today, bank holiday tomorrow & then BAM – we’re in to Tuesday. My birthday Wednesday, nothing Thursday and then it’s Friday & the weekend all over again (and i’ll be away in Dublin next weekend) followed by college on Monday…

I’m already beginning to see the end of my two week easter break from college. Lots of assignments & projects still be done and now is the time to get through them. I suppose this is one of those weeks that i just want to fast forward…

I know that i’ll get everything done, but i don’t want to go through the pain it will take to do it all 🙂 I’ll do my best to keep killing birds with stones though as i believe that’s the best way to maximize productivity.

What have i done this week (one full week off from college)?

  • I’ve uploaded over 500 pictures to flickr and completely reorganized my collections & sets.
  • Completed 3 blog posts which doubled up as a college assignment.
  • Started & almost completed work on a new site.
  • Closed two hosting accounts and moved everything on to my two remaining hosting accounts.

So i suppose i’m about half way through my list of things to do over easter which i’m happy about. Unfortunately i keep adding things to that list though which mean i probably won’t get everything done :mrgreen: I wouldn’t have it any other way though… this time next week i should have a decent amount of college work done, a new site up and running (or very close to it) and a new qualification 😉

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