time for a timetable

Tomorrow marks the start of a 2 week break for me from college. I’ve got plenty to do, but unless i give myself some structure and plans, all the stuff i mentioned there will remain on my to-do list, rather than my ‘done’ list.

To Do List
Creative Commons License photo credit: Majiscup – Drink for Design

Tomorrow, here’s what i’m gonna do;

get up at 11am

  • write a letter to IDR explaining why i want a new .ie domain name (done)
  • write a blog post on theleavingcert.com (done)
  • create new favicon for theleavingcert.com
  • create new favicon for smemon.com
  • get archives page working (done)
  • add blogroll back to smemon.com (done)
  • add ‘site stats’ back to smemon.com homepage (done)
  • write a blog post on smemon.com revealing a new domain name & site i’m building
  • fix a few problems on my golfing website (don’t worry, i’ll be naming it shortly)
  • update ‘advertise‘ page on smemon.com (done)
  • begin work on a new portfolio section on smemon.com detailing my online career and projects thus far

That’ll be enough for one day. If i have more time, i’ll create a new logo for a new site i’m building and put together plans detailing what it’s going to do and how i want it to look and work.

Right now, there are so many sites i want to create, so many sites i can create… you’ll begin to see me take on more and more partnership work from now on. That’s mainly because i’m starting to understand how i work… i’m understanding how to get the best out of myself and it’s by putting myself under pressure. If i can find people equally as motivated as myself, there’s no problems… any website will be a success. If do things by myself or have to carry dead weight by myself, that’s where i start to struggle.

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  1. turned out to be a memory problem/limitation with wordpress – i guess not many blogs have as much content as i do so it’s not a common problem 🙂

    anyway, in wp-settings, line 13, i just changed 32 to 64.. increases memory usage so my host won’t be happy but it’s the only way i could get the archives back working properly 🙂

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