Thumbs up for AppleCare

Thumbs up for AppleCare

Last Tuesday, i sent my iPhone 5 away for repair. I didn’t have to but i wanted to because i knew there was a slight problem with it that would probably only have gotten worse as time went on. Yesterday (6 days later) i received a new iPhone 5…

Happy Customer

My old iPhone 5 had several scuff marks around the edges. Not noticeable without looking closely. The iPhone i got back has none at all. It looks brand new. I’d have been happy just to get the original fault fixed (dodgy sleep button), but instead i got a shiny new phone with smooth edges and not a fingerprint in sight. Swapping my year old iPhone 5 for a brand new iPhone 5 at no cost? That’s what i’d call a result.

iPhone 5 Replacement
iPhone 5 Replacement
iPhone 5 Replacement

Week without an iPhone – Pros and Cons

As mentioned in an earlier post, i bought a cheap Samsung phone to keep me going while my iPhone was away. The one thing i love about this barebones phone is the battery life. I stuck the battery in it this time 7 days ago (Tuesday afternoon) and haven’t switched it off since. It’s still showing 3 bars meaning it’s about 60% full after a week of being on 24/7. That’s something i and many others dream about with smartphones. My iPhone needs charging on a daily basis.

Battery Life

The other main benefit i guess is that you’re not walking around with a very portable, expensive object… if it falls or gets stolen your biggest concern is that you’ve been inconvenienced as your number is out of action. You don’t have to worry about being down several hundred €€€ or a stranger having access to your entire online presence and personal documents. A simple phone that has buttons and makes calls just isn’t attractive these days.

The main problem i found being without my iPhone was that i’d no way of checking email on the move. I’d regularly hop in the car and go away for a while and i’d come back to a flood of emails. I hate letting unread emails build up so not being able to check / respond to emails as they came in was difficult to get used to.

Another big thing i missed whilst iPhone-less was the torch feature… i didn’t realise just how much i use it. It makes walking down steps at night or finding keys etc..  really easy and i realise now that it’s something i’ve begun to take for granted… i was always a big fan of the torch feature on the iPhone and now that it’s native in iOS7, it’s even quicker / easier to switch on and off.

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