This time last year..

This time last year i was preparing for my leaving cert. In a way, i suppose that was what got me into this whole internet entrepreneur thing.

The Leaving Cert is the equivilent of A levels in Britain, i don’t know what the American system is.. Anyway, you have to sit 7 subjects, and you’re marked on your best 6. You get a maximum of 600 points. The average student gets just over 300. There’s usually only an elite few who get the maximum 600 as it requires you to give up your life for a few years? ? 😆

Anyway, i got 445. I was a little disappointed. I predicted i would get 485, and a minimum of 450, so i fell just short.? Here’s a screen shot of my predictions and the sort of detailed analysis i compiled on myself. Pretty extravagent, but i like perfection and leaving no stone unturned 😎




As you can see, all of my subjects were boring.. no IT or Comunications.. we don’t have that in Ireland yet – which is an absolute disgrace considering the amount of IT jobs here. Most tech savvy people like myself are self-taught, with no formal qualifications in computers or IT. So for me, school was a big waste of time and i found it very difficult to motivate myself. But having racked up 445 points, you can see i didn’t sit back and throw in the towel.

After the Leaving Cert – around August, i set up; my first real website. All HTML based, made using dreamweaver and a free template which i? modded a bit. I soon realized i couldn’t keep updating it – it would have been too time consuming, so around Christmas time i switched it to joomla and made it more user dependant. It’s now a PR3 and ranking on google front pages for a lot of leaving cert related searches. The forum has 130 members. Although there’s not much activity on it, it has been getting a lot of traffic recently which is good. Most of the articles/tips are written by myself, so you’ll get no BS, i’m not afraid to stick the knife in.

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