this is why i hate the real world…

so i get asked by a customer about an LCD for sale in work, (retail store).

  • ‘does this come with a remote control?’ (i roll my eyes to myself).
  • ‘does it have a dvd?’ (as if a ‘dvd’ is some sort of feature).
  • ‘how many channels can i get?’ (ready to shoot myself at this stage).
This is what drives me nuts in the real world. There are so many people who don’t have a clue what technology is or how it works… they just expect a TV to walk itself in the front door, plug itself in, connect all it’s scarts together and pre-programme itself.I’d love it if i had a few ‘’ business cards…. i’d just say nothing and hand them the card and then walk away. 🙂

you get some clowns on the internet too, but in general, anyone who can connect to the internet, has some degree of technological wizardy so most people have a general idea of what you’re talking about. This is why i want to work on-line; because the customers are educated, ask intelligent questions and have some sort of an interest in technology.

just had to get that off my chest. Yes, in 2006, almost 2007, some people still don’t know how a TV works or what to expect from it!

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