this is why i don’t go in to banks

So today, for the first time in about 6 months (since i had to get swedish currency) i had to go in to a bank – NOOOOOO!!!

I despise real life banks. All monetary transactions should be automated – that’s my view. Every single one. If i had my way banks would consist of a line of atm’s, a line of coin counters/sorters and a line of super computers which you can pay bills on, make lodgements, change currency etc…

I had to wait about 20 minutes, standing, in a bank today, with two people working. I wouldn’t mind, but i was first in the queue… the two customers at the teller’s desks were getting all sorts of stuff done… lodgements, withdrawels, getting currency, paying bills… i felt like pitching a tent right there in the queue.

The one man queue had now grown to about 12 by the time i got to a teller’s desk.

“£100 sterling please” – *puts €150 on counter*

So i get the sterling, get receipt, place €250 on the counter along with a piece of paper and ask for it to be lodged in to my account… name, account number and sort code all on the piece of paper.

Bang… done and dusted in under 3 minutes (yes i timed it). But for the other 20 minutes, that’s time lost – time lost due to other people’s lack of organisation 🙄 And that’s why i don’t go in to banks, only as a last resort. Now ok, so 20 minutes ain’t a matter of life or death…. but that’s 20 extra minutes i could have been at home designing or coming up with ideas… coming up with the next ‘BeerChief‘..

I’ll never know what those 20 minutes could have done for me. On the flip side, those 20 minutes gave me ammunition for a blog post and to think about what to write. I’ve said it before, but when i’m idle, i’m not actually idle, i’m always working or thinking and that’s the beauty of being caught up in queues or losing time… although it annoys me, secretly i don’t allow myself to ‘waste’ that time, it’s always put to constructive use 🙂

Everything is done online with me financially… i’ve a credit card & debit card plus an online banking facility which allows me to juggle funds about and make transfers etc… if you don’t have online banking and a credit card and you’re a heavy user of the internet, you’re just cluttering up the banks and adding to those queues, so GET THEM!!

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