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Last night i went to see Michael Jackson’s ‘This is it’ movie. Whilst it was a very strange type of film / documentary, i thought it was well put together and it showed just how much detail and effort was put in to the doomed 50-show sell out tour.

Michael Jakson - This Is It
Creative Commons License photo credit: Michael Jacksonfan

I would have been in London on July 18th (the 3rd concert) and i headed to london anyway but i was of course left wondering ‘what would it have been like?’… the film helped answer that question and also answered a lot of other questions…

In rehearsals, Michael Jackson did not look like a man in poor health… far from it. From paper talk, it was made out that he was struggling to cope with the dancing and not putting in the hours that he should have done, but from the footage shown, he looked like a man that was ready and willing to perform and not just perform, but perform to perfection.

The entire production was billed as the show to end all shows and from the looks of it, it probably was… they made new video / trailer introductions to all the songs, with some even in 3D and spilling out on to stage…

From the looks of it, Jackson didn’t want to hit the play button and mime…. it showed him basically ‘rewriting’ music and changing beats / rythm etc to his liking. The entire production looked amazing and that was just a sneak preview of rehearsals…. the real thing would have been incredible to witness.

Hopefully, the whole production will still go ahead at some stage with a mixture of artists – it just looked too good to bin and i know i’d definitely go, even without the man himself performing 🙂

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