This day week is Christmas

Holy crap, Christmas has just sprung up out of nowhere this year!


I guess that’s because it’s my first Christmas since i was like 3 :mrgreen: not working or not in school and having loads of free time…

Last year, i got my girlfriend a whole heap of stuff, most of which doesn’t get much use 🙄

The spider catcher did come in handy once or twice though :mrgreen:

Anyway, that lot cost me over €300 last year if i remember correctly.

This year, i’ve gotten her a nano ipod and i’ll probably buy something small to go with that… she got a €550 32″ LCD in March for her birthday, so she can’t complain 😆

2 thoughts on “This day week is Christmas”

  1. Don’t I know it! Finished off my Christmas shopping today while I had a few hours to kill in town. It’s so hard to shop for women, spent ages wondering around aimlessly today and in the end a shop assistant helped me out 😕

  2. drives me mad shopping in town or in dublin or anywhere really :mrgreen: all the people and traffic and over priced stuff.. the internet has me spoilt 😆

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