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This day next week i’ll have just come out of my dissertation presentation. That will be that done and dusted forever. In between now and then though there’s a lot of work to be done…

The Presentation

I’ve yet to start putting together the powerpoint presentation but there’s still plenty of time left. It will be safe and i’ll have done my homework both on the subject and on how to present dissertation. ‘Start, Middle & End’ type stuff but it’s important nothing is taken for granted and i don’t lose marks over stupid things like not introducing myself.

This is one of these grayish areas where you look like and idiot for doing it, but risk losing marks if lecturers are picky or are looking for reasons to take a few marks off you. We’ve to present this in front of two lecturers, both of which i’ve had for several modules over the years which i think is a big advantage. It will be in a small meeting room with NO projecter, just a computer.

This initially threw me off because i always think of presentations as me on a stage with the audience out ‘there’. I’m not sure i like the idea of doing a formal presentation sitting ‘amongst’ the audience looking at the same screen as they are, but i have to deal with it because that’s what’s gonna happen.

That completely ‘de-formalizes’ things for me but because this is the most important presentation i’ll have given in my time at college, it’s not a time to chill out. I still have to nail down points and say what i want to say… i consider this as a ‘sales’ mission where i have to sell the idea of Social CRM to these guys (that’s what my dissertation is all about).

Hard Part

What will be difficult however, mainly of my seating position is question time. If one lecturer sits either side of me, do i address the one who asks the question? Do i glance back and forth between both and stay relatively ‘neutral’ with posture & eye contact?

Ostriches in NamibiaCreative Commons License photo credit: geoftheref

I don’t know… this is a level of detail we’re not ‘taught’ but it’s all important in my eyes. As i said before i’m at a huge advantage in that i know both of the lecturers i’ll have, but this is one of these ‘can’t get it wrong’ moments. The only way i’ll come out of it saying to myself “That went ok / better than expected” is if i over-prepare for it. Of course you can never ‘over-prepare’, not until hindsight comes around.

I’ll can say i’ll do enough to pass and that’s always a nice safety net but i’ll not be thinking about that when dealing with questions. I’ll attempt answer them all and have generic answers prepared for those i’m not so sure about….. “That would be an ecunemical matter“.


This time last year i was in the same position. Project presentation to do, in front of two lecturers. That went well, i think i got in or around 70% and i had an answer for everything. It was easier though because it was a web based project. This is more theory but i’ll do my best to work in a demo of some kind of application…

I’d settle for 70% again but although this is important (it represents 1/6th of my final marks), i still have 5 other modules to worry about. So in many ways whether i get 100% or 40% in this, it’s not going to swing my overall mark which i’m predicting will be between 60%-70% (a.k.a a 2.1). And that’s really the target… all of my CA work this semester has gone ok (it’s left me on course for that 2.1) so it’s now just a case of seeing it through and making sure i don’t slack off completely over these next few weeks.

My exams start May 9th and end May 19th. After that i’m away on a weeks holidays but when i come back i’ll be job making or job hunting. I’m also looking forward to working on my own projects again, blogging more & getting more in to photography & video. Right now, a masters doesn’t appeal to me. I need more reason to go after one.



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