third monitor options


A few days ago i spoke about the need for a third monitor and i’m convinced it is a *need* 😉 I’ve been looking a few different options and have narrowed it down to two…

More of the same

I could get a very similar model to my current two Samsung Monitors (picture above) for €160 delivered. On the plus side, it will blend in nicely, on the downside it’s more expensive & not full HD.

samsung monitor

Bigger & Better

This BenQ model keeps coming up on my hunt for a new monitor within my budget. It’s a 21.5 inch, Full HD & it gets decent reviews plus it’s fairly cheap for it’s specs. It’s about €130 including delivery.


Smarter choice?

The latter seems like the smarter option. It’s cheaper and looks better on paper. That’s why i’ll probably end up going for it but if i could find the samsung a bit cheaper, i’d be tempted to go for it purely to keep all monitors looking the same. I like symmetry and order (notice how everything on my desk is black!).

Anyway, i’ll make this decision tonight and order it early tomorrow so i should have it by the end of the week. At that stage i can really start to push on with iphone app development. Up until now i’ve just been reading up on it, i haven’t been using my new mac mini much at all but that will change once this new monitor arrives :mrgreen:

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