there are some things money can’t buy…

fianna fail liars

For everything else, there’s the IMF. If there’s one massive positive from Ireland selling it’s soul to Europe, it’s that the country will no longer be run by clowns who look after themselves and the people around them above everyone else…

This IMF intervention is proof that;
(a) the government are incapable of running the country.
(b) we are incapable of electing people who can run a country.

In defence of the people, i think we realise just what a huge mistake we made when electing these guys in to power 3 years ago (or even before that). The government however are still in denial about the whole thing. They’re blameless, in their own opinion. They feel no shame, no embarrassment….

Outsourcing Government

Of course the IMF will feel no shame or embarrassment about nuking anything non essential which sucks up cash. They can get away with it though, that’s their job. From now until the next election, our own government may as well pack their bags and twiddle their thumbs – they’ll be out soon and the sad thing is the next government will now be puppets on a string.

The problem with any ‘new’ government now is that they’ll inherit a complete mess. It’s inevitable the public will turn against them too but so long as they stay honest and open, that will be an improvement…


Just last week, our government were denying any talks about a bailout… rubbishing them in fact and insisting it was all pure speculation. Watch the first 10 seconds of this video and then read today’s announcement;

Tonight at 8.30pm, at a live press conference they broke the news that they would now be officially applying to the IMF for a bailout. Sorry, ‘external support’. Something we knew was happening days ago, something even i could see was going to happen days ago.

Communication disaster

That’s the root of the problem with the current government – they just can’t be open and honest about things. They can’t see that protecting information is not ‘in the national interest’, in fact it has the complete opposite effect. Not releasing information as soon as it becomes available causes massive amounts of speculation and confusion in the media and with the public. Yet Europe and our government wonder why markets are all over the place…

The reality is this idea of a bailout wasn’t just thought up overnight… it didn’t just happen this weekend or over the past week…. someone, somewhere knew what was going on much earlier and leaked information which led to complete chaos in the media and that chaos just snowballed until eventually the government (even if they didn’t need a bailout) would have to take one anyway because the speculation was so great, controlling the media was beyond recovery for the Irish government. They only have themselves to blame.

Anyway, this is a very dark day for us. Necessary? Yes, but only because it effectively outsources the role of government to Europe. Emigration has never looked so attractive but of course someone has to stick around to pay off this debt…. it’s a pity most of us will be skeletons by the time that day comes.

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