just a brief background to my biggest and best site so far..

It was created in August, a couple of months after i’d completed my own leaving cert.

I came across some old folders and files full of school stuff – irish phrases, poetry, construction notes and i thought to myself – hmmm… these aren’t any good to me, so why not giv them away to someone who needs them.

and so was born – expanding to include general leaving cert stuff like the debs, my own survival guide, and a forum. I slapped adsense on the site and blended it in well and it earns a few bob for me. Not much but enough to cover server costs and the domain name for a year. So that site wasn’t set up to make money, it was setup to help people by using my own experience.

However once i started seeing how google adsense worked, i was dragged into the world of internet marketing/advertising and have been thinking of ideas ever since. At the minute, the site has 17 members on the forum and averages about 90 page impressions a day.

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